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The Last Chance for Logan County: A Legendary Alston Boys Adventure

In this third Legendary Alston Boys adventure from Edgar Award-nominated author Lamar Giles, Otto and Sheed have to team up with the Ellison twins to take down a corporation obsessed with the weirdness of Logan County and that's turning its residents into Money-Zombies

About the book: Otto and Sheed are back in yet another legendary adventure that just might take all their deduction skills, and a good bit of help from friends and family, to solve. 


When a suspicious company known as GOO, obsessed with Logan County's weirdness, shows up and starts buying all the property in town and threatening to take Sheed away after some strange new energy is traced back to him, the Legendary Alston Boys of Logan County, along with Otto's mom, Sheed's dad, and the Ellison twins, have to find a way to save their town and keep their family together. 

Written by Lamar Giles

Versify, October 19, 2021
288 pages
Ages 8-12


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